webGl/webXR art installation 'Milkmaid's Pitcher'

The art installation 'Milkmaids Pitcher' was created during nights&weekends - a six-week programme organised by Buildspace in which we brought our various ideas to life. It was not easy! I was so busy building my installation that I didn't have enough time for social media. As a result, I finished in 200th place. I was competing against 3500 other ideas. That's not bad, is it? I had an idea for an art object. Purely artistic, conceptual.

Not that I'm not horrified by humanity's social, climate or health problems, but I've never been, I'm not, and I'm not likely to be a good activist, so I'll leave that to others. What interested me was whether it would be possible to divide one of my sculptures - the milkmaid's pitcher - and place each part in different virtual worlds. So that when we combine these parts conceptually or in our imagination, we are in a way combining different, often completely different worlds.

A bit like in those fractions of a second when we are no longer asleep and still feel the reality of sleep, as if two states of concentration exist simultaneously.

The pitcher is divided by a model of a splash of milk. The result is an animated sculpture, a kind of generative art with an emphasis on code art. The performance of code, the contact between the tools of programming languages and the matter of different digital worlds, is where the possibility of art can arise. For me it is about how to sculpt with code in the matter of the digital metaverse.

The 'Milkmaid's Pitcher is available on devices that support WebXR 'Milkmaid's Pitcher'