Lockdowns by Joanna Ciechanowska

Joanna Ciechanowska’s works presented at the Lockdowns exhibition offer a specific understanding of isolation. They are anchored in multi-dimensional references to social and historical time, but above all – to personal time. Despite revealing fears related to participating in an unknown situation, they steer clear of catastrophism. They become the artist’s inner painting and poetic journey. They are a flash of rediscovery of those few simple images in the presence of which the human heart is closed
and opened for the first time.

Lets meet Joanna Ciechanowska

The bilingual publication, containing a longer theoretical and curatorial text and an album with the artist’s works: Justyna Gorzkowicz, Towards rediscovery: LOCKDOWNS – Joanna Ciechanowska  / W stronę ponownego odkrycia: LOCKDOWNS – Joanna Ciechanowska 
Full version of the book will come soon at PUNO Press


Project supported by the Polish Cultural Institute in London (PCI)

The Blue Point Art Gallery (a virtual 3D gallery), was built in a digital environment as part of a collaboration between the Contemporary Literary and Artistic Culture Unit of the Institute of European Culture at the Polish University Abroad (PUNO) and the Culture Lab Foundation. Although the gallery was created in response to the changes resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic (March-July 2020), its founders have continued this work, with the intention of transferring part of their activities to the digital world. The current pandemic made us aware of the fragility of social structures and the deep need not only to seek unconventional solutions, but also to implement them quickly. 

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