11th Virtual Biennale Prague 2020 at the Blue Point Art Gallery (PUNO & Culture Lab Foundation)

Virtual Biennale Prague  is the international Art Project. It is divided into two categories: Professional and Student Category and is representing visual artists from Austria, Belorus, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Ukraine and USA. 

Authors of Project: Karel Míšek and Lenka Sýkorová 
Curator of Project: Lenka Sýkorová 
Graphic design: Jakub Konupka 
Collaboration: Justyna Gorzkowicz and Jarosław Solecki

International Jury
Thierry Sarfis (France, chairman of the jury), Pekka Loiri (Finland), Li Xu (China), Yasha Rozov (Israel) and Laze Tripkov (Macedonia).

To visit Blue Point Art Gallery you need a laptop, PC or smartphone with Internet access and a web browser.
How to participate in the exhibition?
Virtual Biennale Prague 2020: Wake-Up Call will be open at the Blue Point Art Gallery from 27th November 2020 until 27th January 2021 at the website: https://bluepointart.uk/wp-content/blue_point_3D_gallery/WakeUpCall/
The exhibition will be accompanied by the publication Blue Point Art Series PUNO Press: Wake-Up Call containing texts about Virtual Biennale Prague and the catalogue with the winning posters.

Here you can find out more about the Biennale: http://www.aug.cz/en/virtual-biennale..
The whole collection of the 11th Virtual Biennale Prague 2020 Wake-Up Call here: /https://wake-up-call-2020.tumblr.com/

The Blue Point Art Gallery (a virtual 3D gallery), was built in a digital environment as part of a collaboration between the Contemporary Literary and Artistic Culture Unit of the Institute of European Culture at the Polish University Abroad (PUNO) and the Culture Lab Foundation. Although the gallery was created in response to the changes resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic (March-July 2020), its founders have continued this work, with the intention of transferring part of their activities to the digital world. The current pandemic made us aware of the fragility of social structures and the deep need not only to seek unconventional solutions, but also to implement them quickly. 

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