the dystopia of an imitation by Jarek Solecki

the Dystopia of an Imitation by Jaroslaw Solecki in 3D Blue Point Art Gallery

Our latest exhibition “The dystopia of an imitation” by Jarek Solecki marks a completely new direction in the development of the 3D Blue Point Art project. Jarek has transformed the gallery into an art object, an interactive art installation. He weaves the traditional role of the gallery as a place where art works are shown into conceptual reflections on giving artistic meaning to virtual objects. At the same time, the problem of imitating the world of physical objects in spaces like metawerse is tackled. On the technical side, the art installation has become an autonomous object placed in a decentralised network, whose exhibition function allows it to visualise the specific interaction of meanings given to digital objects, algorithms and data sequences. The exhibition in 3d Blue Point Art Gallery is inspired by Johanes Vermeer’s painting ‘the milkmaid‘.

Please feel free to explore “The dystopia of an imitation” by Jarek Solecki.

Project awarded with Arts Council England grant. As well as financial support from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London and PAFT

The Blue Point Art Gallery (a virtual 3D gallery), was built in a digital environment as part of a collaboration between the Contemporary Literary and Artistic Culture Unit of the Institute of European Culture at the Polish University Abroad (PUNO) and the Culture Lab Foundation. Although the gallery was created in response to the changes resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic (March-July 2020), its founders have continued this work, with the intention of transferring part of their activities to the digital world. The current pandemic made us aware of the fragility of social structures and the deep need not only to seek unconventional solutions, but also to implement them quickly. 

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