We built the AR Heritage App for "Unvelling the Heritage of Krystyna Bednarczyk" project!

ARHeritageTour App is a pilot project to test the feasibility of using new technologies for heritage projects. Our implementation uses a variety of objects to test their complementarity: Krystyna Bednarczykowa's sketches by Felix Topolski, published in the quarterly magazine “Oficyna”, redesigned to 3d objects. the logotype of Oficyna, designed by Zygmunt Turkiewicz, which became the Bednarczyk family's trademark, and a 3d model in our app. photographs - courtesy and commitment of Prof. Janusz Gruchała and MA Justyna Wysocka of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, where the OPIUM (Poets' and Painters' Offices) Archive is located under the care of Prof. Gruchała. We used them to make a short video. Fragments of film frames from the documentary “Errata do biografii” by Grzegorz Braun, made in 2008, courtesy of TVP S.A. We removed a theirs backgrounds to try opacity (only Chorme on Android) and our proposal for the design of a 'blue plaque' commemorating the activities of the Bednarczyks. Another 3d model. The application was created on the basis of open source programs such as Blender, JS libraries like Threejs on the top of WebXR,among others, which definitely reduced the cost of work, as well as disseminates the project to a wider audience, but is not without its technological limitations. For this reason, it displays on selected devices: mainly on Android with Chrome 81+ but also with help of WebXR Viewer on iOS. The realization of the application was possible thanks to the cooperation with the Association of Polish Writers Abroad in London, during a project funded by HERITAGE FUND UK.